Throwback – Corregidor, Philippines

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Early digital pictures of World War II bombed out barracks, Corregidor, Philippines. These are US and Filipino soldiers’ quarters on Corregidor Island where Gen. Douglas MacArthur made his last stand during World War II.

Taken with an early model digital camera, A Fujifilm DX7, in 1998 and processed in CameraBag desktop app.


I was photographing the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, IL when I saw this formal couple being photographed with a cell phone.

I saw this possibility if I were the photographer. I thought I would photograph them with almost the whole building in the background. I didn’t have my wide angle though, but this would have been sufficient.

Oh, and it turned out, the woman is half-Pinoy, half-African American. She asked me if I were Filipino and when I said yes, she told me her mom is Pinay while her dad is black. And they were preparing pancit and lumpia in her house as we were speaking. Yay!