Throwback – June 200x

I really like this picture that I took the early 2000s (most probably 2002). I just wish I had the original so I could put it in context. This is a photo of a group of spectators having a great time watching the gay pride parade of that year. I remember, this was at the end of the parade – around the area of Diversey and Sheridan, just west of the Elk’s Monument, outside the line of bars bars on the west side of the street (Diversey). I no longer have the original and what I have is a low res. But it’s so fun to look at. I entitled it “Girth and Mirth.”

Real Fake

A new public art installation across the Trump Tower in Chicago just east of the Wabash Ave. Bridge above the riverwalk on Wacker Drive. Political statement? Coincidence? The piece, which is part of the city’s “Year of Public Art” program, is designed by Chicago and Detroit-based artist, Scott Reeder, who built the work in 2013, way before Trump became president.